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Custom airbrush and paint is not what I imagined myself ever doing. Growing up as a child from the 80's my interest in computers and graphic design took hold, unfortunately it was only becoming a thing as I left school, the internet had not yet taken off, and those that did have access had the miserable task of dealing with dial up.


This led me to books and art around me, mainly, in the late 90's graffiti. Not the large, line perfect 'Street Art' of today, just dirty, gritty dangerous lettering. I loved it. From there on I wanted to explore my artistic side.

After a stint with a graphics company, some college time along with work experience in a car body repair shop I was still a little lost, Tattoo art had crept in but deep down it wasnt right for me.

A chance meeting in 2017 turned out to be something I was not expecting. A leading UK Airbrush and Custom paint specialist took me on to do a few odd jobs, bit of spanner work and general paint prep. After 4+ years of this, unplanned, unofficial 'apprenticeship' working along side said specialist, I found I had learnt the skills required to be able to produce quality results. From basic repair and metal preparation to final show, finish airbrush and paint work.


As time went by and the introduction of Covid19 to the world the opportunity came about for me to take on my next challenge and do work on my own terms, as a result Airwurx was created. 

Since going alone I have designed, painted and been involved with 100's of custom airbrush and custom paint projects. From small games controllers to magazine featured full size Scania Lorry's. Other work has been sent out worldwide.

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