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Harley Davidson Airbrush Tank

Updated: Apr 29

I guess Airbrush skulls, custom paint work and bikers go hand in hand if you are of a particular generation or life style. Lets be honest Skulls, Eagles and Flames are all timeless on any Harley Davidson Motorcycle but this request was different. The customer had an image of a Skull and Eagle, the image was doing its thing in early 90's poster sort of way but with no chance of it fitting on the Harley Sportster fuel tank.

Airbrush Design

As with all custom airbrush and paint jobs, Airwurx takes the time to make sure each design works and serves it purpose. After a little bit of back a forth with the client a design was finalised, based around the original concept but with a personalised, more custom feel.

With the hand drawn sketch approved the design was ready to Airbrush.

Paint Preparation

The Harley Tank was Supplied direct from manufacturer in bare metal. As with any job the end results come from the beginning. The tank was, de-greased, sanded, sealed and then a 2k primer went down.

A guide coat was applied and hand sanded, DA's have there place but you can not beat a hand sanded surface (By hand I am referring to the lack of electrical/air power tools, rather just the use of a rubber block)


Once all the guide coat was sanded a black base coat was applied followed by 2 coats of clear. This gives a solid base for the artwork.

#2kprimer #guidecoat

Airbrushing the Artwork

With the base and clear coat dry its wet sanded then the custom airbrush work starts by fuzzing out the design. I use #Hardner and #Steenbeck #Airbrush

#Airbrush #Artwork #skull #eagle

Clear and Polish

With the artwork fished and the addition of 2 #Harley_Davidson logos all painted on the final 4-5 coats of clear go down, once dried they were hand sanded and polished to a super high shine using #Roar_610. This deep, flawless black finish is down to the meticulous preparation #Airwurx takes when painting your project. It takes many hours to do it correctly but the results speak for themselves.


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