Airwurx Airbrush has started work on the classic horse carousel at Pleasurewood Hills. With work starting late 2021 and continuing in the off season 2022/2023 its a great project that will bring life back in to this wonderful ride.

As with any project the goal is set in order to proceed with the best methods.

This ride take a lot of passengers throughout the year and has started to show its age.

The decision was taken to make the required repairs and set about creating a semi classic look to the horses but one that could be easily touched up or repaired during the busy season.


carousel horse (2).jpg


carousel horse (6).jpg

After a lot of sanding the horses were  repaired and in primer ready for paint. As with all jobs a quality job starts with the preparation. With the old paint removed you can see how much detail is actually in the mouldings.

pleasurewood hill caroulsel (1).jpg

These were the test horses but what a difference.the plan is to have 3 main horse colour variations with saddle and mane combinations within each.

carousel horse airbrush.jpg

Still work in progress but a massive transformation. Work will continue between the open season 2022/2023

carousel horse restore.jpg
pleasurewood hill caroulsel (2).jpg