As I am sure you can appreciate, there is so much to consider when pricing a custom job. Its not just the time to paint the item but also all the prep, materials and ground work such as messaging back and forth to create the job you want.

I price every job individually based on what the end goal is.
The key factors that impact the price is:

  • complexity of design

  • Current item condition

  • Amount of prep work

  • Specialist paints

  • Time Scale

  • Final finish

I have compiled a small list of starting prices for various items as a rough guide. Each individual project will need to be discussed for an accurate costing.

  • Helmets from £200

  • Fuel Tank (Artwork) from £300

  • Fuel Tank (Colour Change) from £250

  • Motor Bike (Full artwork) from £850

  • Motor Bike (Single Colour change) from £500

  • Motor Bike (Two tone Colour change) from £650

  • Bicycle from £300

  • Games console from £50

  • Games Controller from £50

  • RC cars/boats/planes from £50

  • Fibre Glass Repairs  P.O.A

  • On site and commercial are charged at day rate. P.O.A

These are only rough guides so please just ask.